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How to Get Certified

How to Prepare for the CVI Exam

The CVI examination tests the knowledge and skills needed to become successful in the HVAC system inspection industry. The exam covers a range of topics including: HVAC systems & components, indoor air quality issues, performing inspection, risk management, industry standards, field experience and the ability to correctly apply practical knowledge. Important: In order to sit for the CVI Certification Exam an individual must hold an active Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) certification.


No one single publication, training course or reference guide will give you all the information you need to prepare for the CVI exam. It is strongly recommended that prior to taking the exam, test takers review the recommended reference materials listed in the CVI Candidate's Guide that were used to help develop the CVI certification exam content.

Step 1: Review the CVI Candidate’s Guide

The first step in preparing for the CVI Exam is to review this CVI Candidate’s Guide in its entirety, including the exam content outline and recommended reading list.

Download the CVI Candidate's Guide

Step 2: Study

There are a variety of optional recommended study materials and training opportunities available to help you prepare for the CVI exam, including the following:

Classroom Training

CVI Training Course (Offered at Annual Meeting & Exposition and Fall Technical Conference)

The CVI Training Course provides advanced training on HVAC systems & components, indoor air quality issues, performing inspections, risk management and industry standards. The course curriculum incorporates the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) I-BEAM program, which provides a structured method of doing inspections, in compliance with NADCA's standards and guidelines. 


CVI certification study materials are available for those who wish to study reference materials on their own. DO NOT order these materials if you have already registered for the CVI Training Course, as these materials are provided upon registration for that course. 

Step 3: Register to Take the CVI Certification Exam

The CVI exam is available at testing centers throughout the world and at the NADCA Annual Meeting. Candidates taking the CVI exam at a testing center must follow these steps:

  • Contact NADCA Headquarters at 1-855-GO-NADCA or membership@nadca.com for a voucher code to register for the CVI Exam.
  • Payment must be made through the NADCA staff office with a valid Visa, MasterCard or American Express in order to receive a voucher code.
  • Visit the NADCA Testing Site.
  • In the top right-hand corner of the page, click “Create a New Account.”
  • Fill out the company information. This section requires a “Member Security Code,” which is provided upon submission of the NADCA member application. If you have lost/misplaced the “Member Security Code,” please call NADCA at 855-GO NADCA (466-2322).
  • The blue bar across the middle of the NADCA Testing Site includes an option to “Register for a Test.” Click this link to see all NADCA testing options. Choose the CVI Exam by clicking the orange “Buy Now” box. This will open a page with testing center search options.
  • For candidates with a non-member company, the CVI exam must be scheduled in the non-member area of the NADCA Testing Site. This link is at the bottom of the testing site homepage.

Register for the CVI Exam