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NADCA Letter to Members- Essential Personnel

Posted on 03/20/2020

Dear NADCA Member:

The Board of Directors has convened over the past several days to address some of the challenges our members are experiencing in the face of our ever-changing landscape today. Many of you have been pulled from job sites and deemed non-essential. We know the importance of a healthy indoor environment and the role that our members play in maintaining the health and well-being of building occupants.

I have drafted this letter for your use in imploring your local and state authorities to classify your business as essential, as shutdowns are beginning to loom over many states. California and New York are in "shelter-in-place" status right now and New Jersey is expected to follow within the day. Expect more states to enact restrictions in the coming week. Be proactive. Take action:  Download this letter, add the contact information (your Governor, local Mayor, etc) and send it in right away.


NADCA staff has already sent this letter the Governors of all 50 states, but the more our members engage, the more attention this will bring to our cause. Additionally, NADCA will be issuing a joint statement with other industry associations in an effort to put even more strength behind the need for this designation. Stay tuned for that update within the next day or two. 

NADCA is here for you. We know these are difficult and unprecedented times and we will continue to work for you, our members. Please contact me with any questions.
Stay safe.

Jodi Araujo, CEO


Essential Personnel Memorandum & Contractor Essential Worker Letter

  • Memo for NADCA members to carry with them, explaining the essential nature of their services:


  • Contractor Essential Worker Letter: Share with your client and customize as additional verification that your services are essential: