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Retired Membership

The Retired Member category has been established for individuals who are no longer actively working within the HVAC industry but want to remain involved with NADCA.

Eligibility Requirements

  • To be eligible for Retired Membership, an individual must not be engaged in the cleaning or operation of HVAC system cleaning. He/She may be involved with a company as an advisor or consultant.
  • An individual must have been employed by a NADCA member company for five (5) years or more.
  • If an individual holds an active ASCS and/or CVI certification at the time they become a Retired Member, they will be issued a new certificate that states ASCS (Retired) and/or CVI (Retired) designation.
  • The retired designation certificates may not be used to bid on HVAC cleaning projects and cannot be used by NADCA member companies to meet the ASCS certification requirement for membership.
  • Retired Members will not be required to obtain CECs to maintain the ASCS (Retired) or CVI (Retired) certifications.
  • Retired Members will be required to agree to abide by the Retired Member Code of Ethics.

If a Retired Member comes out of retirement and engages in HVAC system cleaning, their Retired Member status will be terminated and they would be required to recertify in order to obtain an active ASCS and/or CVI certification.

Member Benefits

  • Access to NADCA publications (Air Conveyance and DucTales)
  • Ability to maintain ASCS retired and/or CVI retired certification designations
  • Member pricing to attend NADCA events (Annual Meeting & Exposition and Fall Technical Conference) PLUS $100 discount for Annual Meeting registration
  • Opportunity to serve as a committee volunteer, a member mentor, and a Subject Matter Expert (SME)

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