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Supplemental Membership

NADCA Supplemental Membership is available to Regular Member companies with more than one physical location actively engaged in the business of performing residential, commercial and/or industrial air duct cleaning services. Supplemental Members must maintain an ASCS on staff at their location. ASCSs may not be assigned to more than one member/location.

Membership Requirements

In order to become an active Supplemental Member, companies must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be actively engaged in the business of performing residential, commercial and/or industrial air duct cleaning services
  • Full payment of one-time application fee
  • Full payment of annual membership dues
  • ASCS certified individual on staff
  • Submission of Certificate of liability insurance (naming NADCA as a certificate holder) 

Companies must fulfill all membership requirements within a period of 6 months from the date of application submission. Your company’s membership status will be pending until all membership requirements are met. During pending membership status, your company is not a NADCA member, cannot claim NADCA membership and is not eligible for NADCA benefits, including use of the NADCA logo. Your company is not a NADCA member until it has been issued an official NADCA Membership Certificate. 

For more information about Supplemental Membership, view Frequently Asked Questions.

How to Join

In order to become a NADCA member, companies must submit an online application form, inclusive of all fees and membership dues and certificate of liability insurance. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are international members required to have certified staff as well as meet the insurance requirements?

Yes, International Members are required to have certified staff. 

Can I use NADCA's logo in my advertising?

NADCA Supplemental member companies who fulfill all requirements of membership have the right to use the NADCA logo in advertising and promotional materials. Rules and regulations regarding proper use of the NADCA logo are located in Members Only resources. Member companies will receive access to Members Only resources once all membership requirements are fulfilled. Pending member applicants may not use the NADCA logo or claim to be a NADCA member until the requirements of membership have been met and they have received official approval of their NADCA membership.

Do I need to be ASCS certified to become a Supplemental Member?

Each Supplemental Member company must have at least one full-time Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) certified technician on staff. 

If I have a pending membership application, how long do I have to meet the requirements for Supplemental Membership?

Membership requirements must be met within six months of application submission. Companies which have not fulfilled their membership requirements in 6 months from the time of application will forfeit their application fees and dues.

Is a license required to be a Supplemental Member?

In accordance with the NADCA Code of Ethics, NADCA members must agree to provide services only after completing the necessary bonding and licensing procedures. NADCA strongly recommends that you contact the appropriate licensing agency to learn what licenses if any are required, so you are compliant with licensing requirements at the local, state, and authorities having jurisdiction levels. Following are some states which do require an HVAC contractor’s license, mechanical contractor’s license, sheet metal license, or other specialty license in order for a firm to access and clean HVAC systems.

Arizona (602) 542-1525
Arkansas (501) 661-2642
California (916) 255-3900
Florida (850) 487-1395
Georgia (478) 207-1416
Michigan (517) 241-9325
Texas (512) 463-6599.

Examples of state mandated licenses that would apply to NADCA members would relate to cutting access holes, working with asbestos, applying pesticides, or providing residential services. Companies should contact their state's Department of Labor for more information.

What is the cost of Supplemental Membership?

Supplemental Membership dues are charged on an annual basis at the cost of $310.00 per year and are non-refundable. Dues are payable by June 30 of every year. When a company first joins NADCA, the company pays the first full year’s dues (July 1 through the following June 30) at the time of application and the second year of dues are prorated based upon the date of application. Companies that have not fulfilled their membership requirements in 6 months from the time of application will forfeit their application fees and dues.

Where can I take the ASCS certification exam?

The ASCS exam must be taken in person at one of our testing centers or at a NADCA event. ASCS training courses and exams are offered at NADCA's Fall Technical Conference and Annual Meeting & Exposition. If you are planning to submit a New Member Promotional Package membership application, a member of the NADCA staff will schedule the exam for you.

View more information on how to become ASCS certified.